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You didn’t generally trust the theory poop, did you?

Silicon dioxide, or sand as the vast majority know it, has a considerable amount of fun with its complex sub-atomic cousins. The nuclear move they perform make the absolute most excellent structures known to man. Most realize that one of these structures is glass, however, few know about the magnificent things that occur at the sub-atomic level amid this change. At the point when the correct temperature is come to, there is an expression that the silicon dioxide enters that isn’t strong yet not exactly fluid – this is known as the transient state. As the tight bonds between the particles are discharged from the strong, they frame new bonds that stretch and twist and take into account the bending of their structure. It is now that the glass blower can frame the pipe into the delightful shapes that you see and add the great hues to the glass that give each piece their uniqueness and their excellence. For the shades of these delightful Borisil glass pieces, we utilize copper, silver, and cobalt. These components really turn into a piece of the mind-boggling cross section sub-atomic structure of the glass. The last item is a blown glass that has one of the smoothest and dazzling surfaces of any material on the planet. Every one of these funnels is an articulation in glass workmanship that will never be copied. If they somehow managed to be numbered, they would each be 1 of 1. These glass funnels are passed up the hand and every holds a shading design that can be respected for quite a long time to come. These interests in craftsmanship can be sold on the open glass advertise, showed in a glass bureau, or used to appreciate a portion of the best-tasting smoke this planet produces

Stand Up Water Pipes

All of our water pipes have a standing height of 7-9 inches. Not too bulky. Nice and compact to cut down on those messy spills. We all know what spills smell like!

Beautiful silver and gold fuming goes into these outside workpieces. The production time on these water pipes is 2 hours. Perfect for those who like to play hard, but keep it in the reason for storage purposes. A perfect house piece and a great gift!

Ash Trays

One of our coolest innovations and top sellers. These make great conversation pieces and are kick-ass gifts. Who doesn’t want a blown glass ashtray? These are a must have for the true head. If you don’t already own, you missed the cool bus. Get in the game; Get your own matching ashtray and pipe. 3-4 inches; 120 grams

Glass Art
Slip on your steel armor and grab hold of this fire-breathing dragon. Feedback tells us that smoking out of the dragon may lead to the underworld where unexplained events can spiral. Grab the dragon today and experience the flame throwing fury of a world gone mad.

The dragon is our last remaining un-explained piece. Feedback tells us that smoking out of the dragon may lead to ending up in undesirable countries and even contracting hepatitis. Of course, please do not order this pipe if you are unfamiliar with the underworld. Please don’t call our customer service to return this pipe, it is a one time sale – no exceptions. Our attorneys require us to tell you that customer service does not exist in the underworld…

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